Samson Rajkumar is the third generation serving the living God.  The Lord called Samson when he was in his mother’s womb. He started preaching when he was very young.  Today he is doing an Apostolic ministry, take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to nations.  Preaching the uncompromising Word of God with passion. His message brings the Word of God alive and God conforms his Word with signs and wonders. Salvation, healing and deliverance alway present in every service were Apostle Samson ministers.  He preached already in 32 countries.  Everywhere he goes to minister individuals lives are transform and bring a lasting change for better future.  Apostle Samson pioneered over 100 churches world wide and Bible Training Centers. He is very loving and compassionate to people and he is a Humanitarian. He founded seven children homes, hospital and helped over 160 villages water wells and assisting people to have better life and future. He is a person you would love to know that will make a positive influence in and through you. Your partnership with him will make a difference and lasting impact.



Together we are making a difference in individuals, families and communities and bring lasting change for a better future.